ABOUT: Hello! My name is Danielle and I am an artist currently attending PRATT INSTITUTE. I recently launched my website, AVIVA ELANA, which features my hand painted clothing. Read more about it below! Please feel free to look at my other types of artwork on Behance AVIVA ELANA Couture Design meets at the intersection of hand-painted design & fashion-forward aesthetic. Founder & Designer Danielle Sasson blends her passion for artistic freedom with her unrelenting eye for design. Beginning as a mere sketch, each AVIVA ELANA piece comes to life through Danielle’s use of her time-tested hybrid of acrylic paint and fabric medium. Danielle understands that every woman’s body is unique and beautiful. She wants all women to feel amazing and confident when wearing AVIVA ELANA clothing. Danielle gives the customer the option to either send their clothing item directly to Danielle’s studio or tell her exactly which item they would like her to purchase and paint. Please contact Danielle for further sizing and pricing inquires. THE STORY: “It was a beautiful day in June – I had just sat down at the dinner table as I watched a bottle of balsamic vinegar spill, as if in slow motion, all over my new white jeans. Initially devastated, my creative prowess immediately sprung to life. I decided to turn the brown blob into a piece of art! I let my excitement and frustration run-wild as my paintbrush began creating shapes. Before I knew it, what initially began as a brown blob had been transformed into beautiful array of colors and shapes! A new world was revealed before me – from the moment I started painting those jeans, I fell in love with the art of painting on clothing and have been doing so ever since.” "I want people to feel as special as I always have when wearing something unique and individual. Throughout my life, I have always expressed myself through clothing. Wearing something that reflects my personality always makes me feel more confident. Everyone can express themselves through the way that they dress and should feel amazing doing it! AVIVA ELANA will make it easy for each individual to make a statement and have fun with their clothing!" - Danielle Sasson, Founder & Designer, AVIVA ELANA