Laura is a Portland, Oregon native who is inspired by animals and understanding pine trees. She enjoys a great cup of coffee and dabbling in all sorts of artistic media, like graphic design, illustration, music and photography. In 2014, Laura graduated with a BA in Visual Communications with an emphasis in Studio Art + minor in History from Franklin University Switzerland. Laura specializes in layout, event collateral, illustration, drawing anthropomorphic food, making and eating pizza and talking in third person. 2019: Contract designer at MKM Design Production Designer for 2019 Big Hero Gala for Big Brothers Big Sisters Gig posters – PDX Pop Now! 2019 Design for Fundraiser Campaign incl. merch incentives – PDX Pop Now! 2018 2018: 2018 Investor Report - Friends of the Children National Album design and artwork for Gordon Keepers, Pretty Little City Graphics Coordinator – PDX Pop Now! 2018 Branding + Logo for Fundraiser "Rescue the Kitchen" – Rescue Mission Design Specialist – Friends of the Children (contract) Travel Materials – Friends of the Children National Graphics Coordinator – PDX Pop Now! 2018 Designer for MKM Design (contract) T-shirt Design – Big Brothers Big Sisters Columbia NW 2017: Friends of the Children projects -Fall Newsletter -Signage for NE office Graphics Coordinator – PDX Pop Now! 2017 Design collateral – Friends of the Children 2017 Friend Raiser Design - Conference Solutions (web design, collateral) > Design – Umpqua Bank (Home Lending Department, contract) 2016: Web design – Kenai BBQ Design Specialist – Friends of the Children 2016 Friend Raiser Artistic Coordinator – PDX Pop Now! 2016 Social Media + Beta tester – Early Canvas Illustration – local music magazine, Next Northwest 2015: Design, Social Media + Photography – 2015 National Walking Summit, D.C. Assistant Leather Worker + Social Media – From Marfa with Love Social Media Manager + Graphic Design – Looptworks 2014: Residency with Wide Open Studios - Signal Fire: backpacked around the Cascades with a group of artists, having in-depth dialogues about ecological ideologies Graduated Franklin University Switzerland - BA in Visual Communications & Studio Art + minor in History 2013: Marketing and Design Internship – OMSI Creative Services